Dr Charlotte Gribbin

Dr Charlotte Gribbin is an award-winning aesthetic physician who knows that patient confidence is at the heart of every consultation.

She is dedicated to researching the best available medical evidence, honing the range of cosmetic treatments she offers, and taking time to understand who her patients are and how they want to feel.

Dr Gribbin’s priority is to offer bespoke, minimally-invasive treatments that patients can feel confident are safe, subtle and right for them.

– MSc in Aesthetic Medicine – graduated first in class and won the Andrea Grimaldi medal for academic achievement

– Awarded an Aesthetic Medicine Clinical Fellowship at Health Park (Naples, Italy), part of the world-leading Andrea Grimaldi Hospital Group

– Background in cardiovascular and pharmaceutical medicine

Consultant aesthetic physician at KIMS Hospital

– Clinical lecturer and faculty member at the Aesthetic Medicine programme, Queen Mary, University of London (2016-2020)

Specialist Advisor to CMAC, the Complications in Medical Aesthetics Collaborative (2020 – present)

Faculty member of the British Institute of Aesthetic Medicine at the College of Medicine & Dentistry, Birmingham & Ulster University (2020 – present).

Regularly presents at national and international meetings

Get to know Dr Gribbin

What do you hope to achieve when working with a patient?

I don’t want to change who they are, but aim to help them look their best for their stage of life. The best compliment is when a patient tells me “My friends say I look amazing, but I haven’t told them I’ve had anything done!”

What’s the key to deciding on the best treatment?

I’m constantly researching the best available treatments – to determine which products and techniques have the optimal safety profile, are the highest quality and will be the most effective.

From wrinkle-relaxing products and fillers, to regenerative medicine and facials, I evaluate the best available evidence. I have confidence in the treatments I offer.

What do you enjoy about your work?

I believe that aesthetic medicine is a combination of art and science. It’s not enough to have an excellent technique – an artistic eye is important too.

Getting to know the patient and making decisions in partnership is at the core of what I do. That way we can both be happy with the results of the treatments we have selected together.

Collaborating with other professionals is a gratifying part of my job. I frequently work with dentists, dermatologists and plastic surgeons because, for some patients, a combined approach is the best option.

I’m very active academically. I love to teach and am currently involved in a number of academic projects.