How does botox work?
Last updated on 18 May, 2021

Botulinum toxin (or “Botox”) relaxes and reduces the movement of muscles, resulting in the skin over the treatment area looking smoother.⁠

Botox is a purified form of a natural protein, injected using a very fine needle to minimise discomfort. It’s an effective treatment with a good safety profile and is mostly used to reduce the appearance of ‘expression lines’ and wrinkles. It lasts for 3 to 4 months. ⁠

I love Botox treatments that are subtle and don’t “freeze” the face. It’s not just for the forehead and crow’s feet. There are so many ingenious ways it can be applied to enhance your face.⁠

What botox can’t do

Remember, Botox can only do what it can do!!! It doesn’t replace volume or fix sagging skin. It can’t erase lines and wrinkles that are deep & embedded. Next time you chat with your aesthetic doctor, ask about collagen induction and optimising your skin.⁠

Find out more about our botox treatments

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Written by Charlotte Gribbin

Dr Charlotte Gribbin is an award-winning aesthetic & regenerative medicine physician. Dr Gribbin offers a wide range of bespoke, minimally-invasive aesthetic treatments that patients can feel confident are safe, subtle and right for them. She is dedicated to researching the best available medical evidence, honing the range of cosmetic treatments she offers, and taking time to understand who her patients are and how they want to feel.