Sun damage

Spending time in the sun has benefits – sunlight makes us produce vitamin D, which we need to stay healthy.

Unfortunately, sunlight also damages our skin. Sun exposure, particularly to UV rays, causes 90% of age-related skin problems. These include wrinkles, thinning and slack skin, enlarged pores, sallowness, discoloration, scaly spots and patches, ‘spider veins’ and leathery skin.

Treatments for sun-damaged skin

Dr Gribbin will start with an in-depth consultation where she will examine and assess your skin quality. She’ll invest time in finding out more about you, your life and your medical history – exploring what might have influenced your skin ageing.

From there, she can put together a tailored treatment plan to suit your needs – a thorough consultation prepares the path for better results. 

Dr Gribbin uses her medical knowledge and experience to choose non-invasive treatments that offer natural-looking results, backed by scientific research.